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Drift Diver

If You Can't Beat the Current, Join it!!

Drift Diver Specialty

Costs: Tuition  $275

Materials Requirement: PADI Drift Diver Student Kit: $66   


Here in Puget Sound as with much of the worlds best diving is in high current areas. Rather than fight the current, drift with it. In some sites, the current carries you far faster than you could swim, sailing you along effortlessly. Drifting with the current and not having to worry about returning to the boat, lets you relax and concentrate on the dive. This is as close as it gets to effortless diving.

Dive requirement: 2 Dives in 1 day.

Equipment requirement: Divers are required to have their own dive light, safety stop anchor and cutting tool. A surface audible signaling device is highly recommended. 

Prerequisite: Open Water Diver - Some classes will require Advanced due to planned dive sites.

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