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Equipment Specialist

Fix basic issues and truly understand your equipment

Equipment Specialist 

Costs: Tuition: $150 +study materials: Encyclopedia of Recreational Diving: $52

Ever wondered what the inside of a regulator looks like? The inside of a tank? A BCD inflator? What is it that happens exactly when your tank gets visually inspected and hydrostatically tested? Ever wanted to know how to fix tears in wetsuits, drysuits and drysuit seals? How to fix a torn mouthpiece and other msdequipspec.jpgbasics of regulators and BCDs? How to correctly lubricate the O -rings on your lights, camera housing, diving computer etc...? Want to know what makes a regulator freeflow if it goes in the water face up?  This class will show you all of that and much more. This class doesn't certify you to overhaul regulators or do your own visual inspections, but it will allow you do in field adjustments and repairs that could save your dive..... and you will gain a greater understanding of how your gear (and other peoples) works!

Bring any and all questions about equipment to this class!!

Note: The DVD version of the Encyclopedia has a lot of very cool videos and animations about how tanks are made etc...  It also includes the Diving Knowledge workbook in digital form - available in paper form for $16 - so it is well worth the money for the DVD version, although  the workbook is not needed for this class. 

Dive requirement: None. This class is ~ 6 hours of classroom, typically over at least 2 nights. 

Equipment Requirement: Each Diver will need their own took kit: $39.95 

Prerequisite: Open Water Diver

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