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The most fun & rewarding class you will ever take! Make diving safer, take the Rescue Diver course!
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PADI  Rescue Diver Course
Prerequisite: Advanced Open Water

The Seattle Scuba Rescue Diver Course gives you the opportunity to expand your knowledge of diving and increase your level of diving skill. It makes you more aware of what is happening around you in the diving environment. The course is designed to develop the necessary knowledge and skills for you to effectively perform diver rescues and assists, manage diving accident situations and render proper first aid. This class is one of the most fun classes that we teach, and every diver should take it.

Our Rescue classes are about making you a safer, more confident diver, able to use whatever tools you have available to you in an emergency to positively affect the situation.

Rescue Diver certification is also an important prerequisite for the Divemaster rating, the first professional diver rating, and the distinguished Master Scuba Diver rating, the highest nonprofessional rating in scuba diving.

Current certification in CPR/First Aid is also required for participation in the program.  If you are not certified in CPR/First Aid, we offer the Emergency First Response program on a regular basis.

Rescue Diver Student Kit:

Emergency First Response Course
CPR/First Aid Tuition:
(if needed)
CPR Course Student Kit: $52
CPR Course Total
Divers are required to supply all gear necessary for the program.  Rental gear will be available at 50% off the standard rental fees when participating in our Rescue Diver Program

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