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jr open water divers
Jr. Open Water Divers on a boat dive

In the Seattle area we offer four programs for kids/youth.

1. A pool only experience program called the PADI Seal Team - for ages 8 - 12

2013 Schedule

Seal Team 1:  Enrollment Open
    August 8th, Thursday 7:00 - 9:30pm - Aquamissions 1, 2, 3
    August 22nd, Thursday 7:00 - 9:30pm - Aquamissions 4 & 5

2. The Jr Open Water Diver program - a full certification option for ages 10+ 

               We can schedule this most any time

3. The Discover Scuba experience for ages 10 +

4. A Boy Scouts of America Scuba Merit Badge Program

Please see this page for more info




PADI Seal Team Experience Program
Ages 8 - 12 - in the pool

Cost: $120 tuition, includes all 5 Aquamissions over 3 sessions, Seal Team Certification Card & use of all rental equipment needed
+ Academic Materials (Aquamission/Logbook/DVD) $55 -
Total: $175
A fun and safe way for kids to get started in diving.

This program is conducted over the course of 3 sessions. We will conduct Seal Team Aquamissions 1 - 5, which serve as a fun, safe and rewarding introduction to Scuba for kids!
In the PADI Seal Team program kids learn the basics of scuba diving. In the first Aquamission, Seals learn how to breathe underwater, learn about their air gauge and practice hand signals. In Aquamission 2, they build on their scuba skills (practicing regulator skills, becoming more confident divers and great PADI Seal Team buddies). The third Aquamission includes more exciting skills (mask clearing, octopus breathing and hand signals). In the fourth Aquamission, Seals learn what it's like to to be weightless (buoyancy) - just like an Astronaut in space! Aquamission 5 is the last step in becoming a PADI Seal Team member. In the last Aquamission, we review what the Seals have learned, and add some fun surface skills.  

Some minimal homework is required at home prior to each Aquamission. This program is limited to small sizes for maximum safety and participant comfort, typically 4 - 6 with a staff to student ratio of 2:1 any time our young divers are out of the shallow end.

Participants should have basic swimming ability.





Junior Open Water Diver Program

Ages 10 - 12 pool and open water

Ages 13 + can join our regular pool and open water training

The minimum age for certification is 10 years old, but for these younger kids we like to conduct the program slightly differently. The major difference is group size, for these ages we limit the max divers in a group to 4, with no more then two 10-11 years old in a group.

We also conduct the training over multiple evenings as the usual time frame (7pm - 11pm) runs too late for kids. We split the training out over at least 2, but typically 3 - 4 shorter evenings.

Cost: The same as our typical Open Water training. We do these privatized programs for kids at no extra charge. Click here for Open Water pricing.

Schedule: The training would be on Wednesday or Thursday evenings, spaced out as needed. Please contact us to arrange this training.

Ages 10 - 11 special restrictions.
After certification Junior Open Water divers ages 10 - 11 must follow some extra restrictions.
1. They must dive with either a parent/guardian or a PADI professional - Divemaster or Instructor.
2. The maximum depth for these dives is 40ft, as opposed to the usual Open Water depth limit of 60ft.


Splash - Scuba camp instructor

Grumpy and Moonsnail, Jr assistant

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