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PADI Digital Underwater Photography Specialty

Bring the adventure home

Digital Underwater Photographer Specialty $250

  Materials Requirement: PADI Digital Underwater Photo Manual $51

Who doesn't want to bring back photographic memories of their underwater adventures! Not long ago, taking pictures underwater was a difficult endeavor reserved for those with patience and a mountain of cash. Today, camera systems are far more affordable and easy to use. Whether exploring reefs, or wrecks, diving the ice or at altitude, or diving that local site you've done hundreds of times, underwater photography adds a new element of interest to every dive.

This cluwphoto.jpgass will get you started along the path to fantastic underwater photos. Day 1 will be classroom practice of basic camera maintenance and care, along with basic shooting techniques for local area photography. Classroom time is followed by a dive, then back to the classroom to review and comment on how to improve the photos taken. Day 2 more advanced camera techniques will be introduced, along with some picture editing skills. Then a dive followed by more review of your pictures. This is a really great class to help you make the most of your underwater time with a camera.

If you choose to purchase a camera when you sign up for this class, or during the weekend, you would get 20% off of the price marked in store. That includes all of the Intova cameras, and the newly released and highly reviewed Sealife DC800, as well as the Reefmaster Mini.

Camera Rental (If you don't have your own camera): $30 a day
Tuition: $195
Textbook: $28

Dive requirement: 2 days of diving and classroom time

Equipment requirement: None.

Prerequisite: Open Water Diver

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